Can I Recycle Mesh Produce Bags?

Can I recycle mesh produce bags?
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Oranges, lemons, onions and other produce often come in mesh plastic bags. You may have wondered whether you can recycle them. Unfortunately, as of this writing, the answer is no. There is no program to recycle mesh produce bags.

You definitely don’t want to put these (or any plastic bags really) in your curbside recycling bin. Plastic bags are tanglers and cause major headaches when they become wrapped around the sorting equipment at the recycling center.

What about those plastic bag recycling bins?

Many grocery stores and big box chains have plastic film/plastic bag bins, but these mesh bags do not belong in there either. The plastic films accepted in these bins usually need to have some “stretchiness” to them and the bin should list which types of plastic film are acceptable. Visit How to Properly Recycle Plastic Bags and Plastic Film for more info.

Is there anything I can do with mesh produce bags?

Many people take these types of mesh bags and make pot scrubbers out of them. Here’s a super easy DIY for making a scouring pad from mesh bags by Apartment Therapy.

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