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At our Citigen site, within the City of London’s Square Mile, we are adding a new renewable heat element. The £4m project involves digging down 200m to extract underground heat and then using a heat pump to transform it to a usable temperature (around 80°C). Coupled with recycling waste heat from power generation, this will add 4MW of extra capacity – enough to heat 2,300 homes and cut the site’s carbon emissions by 50%.

We are also partners in the GreenSCIES (Green Smart Community Integrated Energy Systems) project in Islington, an innovative local energy scheme in London’s most densely populated borough. A smart energy network, GreenSCIES will share heating and cooling across buildings, capture waste heat from sources including data centres, office buildings and the public transport network, and help reduce pressure on the grid.

Like sustainable transport, cleaner energy is a major contributor to better air quality. And, coupled with reducing our carbon footprint, it’s an innovation that can help us all breathe much more easily. Taking action for the climate has never been more important, and there is much that individual urban dwellers, businesses and city planning departments can do to contribute.

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