Green Glossary helps clear up carbon jargon

Ever felt baffled by energy and environmental jargon? Well, you’re not alone. Our recent research1 found that almost two thirds (64%) of those we questioned say they want to take climate action but feel overwhelmed by the numbers or jargon or are put off by the lack of information available on the topic. 

We also found that a similar number (62%) have bluffed their way through conversations about the environment with friends and family. Whilst only 10% of Brits know what COP26 – the key United Nations Climate Change Conference where world leaders will come together to discuss how best to respond to the climate emergency – actually is. And four in five (82%) would do more for the environment if they saw less carbon jargon and instead received simpler information about what they could do to reduce their impact on the planet.

Simplifying the language we use helps our customers to properly understand the benefits of a cleaner, greener and more sustainable lifestyle. Knowing more can be key to doing more, and we know so much can be achieved when we all do our bit.

So to help people better understand carbon jargon ahead of COP26, we’ve produced our Green Glossary, setting out in clear and simple language the meaning of 10 of these often misunderstood terms.   

Green Glossary helps clear up carbon jargon News

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