Green Technology Future for 2021 and Beyond

According to the New York Times, there is a major recovery plan underway for clean energy and building back better. This means that more and more companies will be engaging in new technological advancements across all areas to protect the environment.

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In the past year we have experienced a crisis on a global scale, and the results became clear during this turbulent time. Some things need to be advanced, and some things need to be completely rectified. All of which can be done through green technology and all of which have a huge positive impact for the planet.

Cutting down emissions by working from home

One sure way to cut down carbon emissions and fuel consumption is to work from home. Needless to say, Zoom became an empire during the pandemic, however there are plenty of other ways to interact with virtual discussions such as Google Hangouts and Microsoft’s Teams have proven their worth. Companies and offices around the globe have moved to remote work, which is much easier to complement with online conference services. Employees started collaborating on a larger scale, via online methods. This cuts down the waste of paper, and other resources that must be protected for the sake of the environment. Working from home also implies that people must be “savvier” too. Implementing green technologies at home will prove beneficial; such as optimum solar power, where possible, and secure waste removal.

Remote deliveries 

It is known that Amazon has tripled its income during the past year. However, they too are using new gadgets and sustainable elements in order to keep a healthy cycle going. In China, companies like Meituan have started providing delivery services to the public without human involvement. Expect this trend to expand in 2021 and beyond, alongside the addition of more robots – ground robots and drones – as a way to move packages around the world giving protection to the environment.

Artificial Intelligence – the future gadget to end all gadgets!

Robotics are growing in all areas of the world; mostly within factories and for medicine. But even if we are not yet ready for a robotics revolution, smart artificial intelligence will design more accurate and efficient routes for each courier in the future of how we consume products. We are also likely to see this spread further across medicine, as psychologists move to provide remote therapies, artificial intelligence can learn from the accumulated information and start providing similar services on their own. This will cut down non-recyclable materials used in medicine to protect the environment, and make the switch more comfortable to digital.

All of these are just a small part of the developments we are expected to see in 2021 and beyond in the field of artificial intelligence, robotics and the Internet of Things. This is a revolution that has been in full swing in recent years, and will continue in full force for the coming year as well. Technology has never been more exciting, and it has never been more environmentally friendly.


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