How big is your carbon footprint?

In terms of transport and travel, there are major lifestyle changes to consider and much more minor ones. If you’re a frequent flier, consider whether you could cut back. Driving an electric vehicle is a real positive, but not yet possible for all. So if you do depend on a petrol or diesel car, think about driving it less, and always try to drive it better. This means keeping your tires correctly inflated and removing any excess weight, both of which improve fuel efficiency and result in lower exhaust emissions, helping to clear the air. Public transport may not always be practical so when you do need to use your car, ask yourself if you can combine errands, saving you time and the planet emissions.

A sensible principle to apply to every area of your life is only buying what you actually need. So just as improving your energy efficiency means only using the energy you really need, buying less food and other perishable goods, fewer clothes, toys, household items and generally stuff, means fewer emissions.   


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