How Scipher.Fx helps with accurate power forecasts

In this Q&A, we asked
Robert Cymbalak, Management advisor, and analyst at CS Energia on using
Scipher.Fx for power forecasting and how it’s become an integral part of asset management and day-to-day operations since new power forecasting regulation was introduced in Poland.

What problem did you try to solve with Scipher.Fx and what was the best part of using our tool? Who (profile) or which team in your company uses Scipher.Fx the most?

Since January 2021, power forecasting obligation has been introduced in Poland. Forecast data must be sent to the network operator on a daily basis. Additionally, the accuracy of the forecast has a positive impact on balancing costs. I am responsible for operational activities, including forecasting. Scipher.Fx definitely made my job easier. I no longer have to start each day with the preparation of production forecasts, because I get them by e-mail at a fixed time. This is a big time saver for me.

What features / functions are most useful for you in your daily work?

First of all, the fact that I get the production forecasts directly by e-mail, comes very handy. Scipher.Fx has a very user-friendly portal for me to compare the power forecasts with the actual power produced. And the availability planner, which I use to plan work orders for optimized output with better planning

How would you rate your overall experience with Utopus Insights in terms of product value and customer engagement?

I have been really impressed by the commitment level from Utopus Insights to resolve any issues. Your operations and customer service team is always ready to help. I was the first Utopus customer who needed a specific file required in Poland from one of the operators. Utopus Insights created this file, taking into account all suggestions from us. As a customer, this was a very positive experience, because many companies talk about listening to their customer. I can vouch that the team at Utopus truly does, and acts on feedback and input to benefit their customer. Anyone can sell a product or tool, but not everyone has good service.

About Scipher.Fx

Scipher.Fx provides advanced wind and solar PV forecasts to help energy managers, power traders, market data analysts and asset owners make more informed decisions with greater confidence to comply with regulatory requirements, minimize imbalance costs, and optimize power bidding strategies.

Our proprietary machine learning models leverage historical and real-time measurement data combined with the best Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) models worldwide to deliver highly accurate power forecasts that serve your business needs.

How Scipher.Fx helps in managing assets within trading, and energy utilities:

  • Users in the intraday markets can adjust their power bids, taking advantage of the short-term correction we perform, based on the actual turbine status.
  • Users in the day-ahead markets get highly accurate forecasts, based on models that take into account historical turbine behavior, turbine availability and scheduled downtime, to minimize market penalties.

Interested to learn more about Scipher products for wind and solar PV
asset management and performance diagnostics? Connect with us to schedule a 1:1 session with our renewable energy analytics experts.

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