How Scipher.Vx+ simplifies wind asset management

In this Q&A, we asked
Pablo Polanco, Head of Trading & Operation at Viento Blanco on using
Scipher.Vx+ for performance diagnostics and monitoring, and how it’s become an integral part of asset management and day-to-day operations.

Overall, what do you like most about Scipher.Vx+?

Our existing SCADA software did not have analytics in depth, and showed us things we already knew. But Scipher.Vx+ goes beyond that and gives us more tools to check wind turbine performance that saves us time and effort, freeing up my resources to focus on other critical tasks. I like that multiple team members can monitor real-time operations of our wind turbines, which is very insightful for our daily operations. It simply wouldn’t be possible without Scipher.Vx+.


Is there a specific instance you can recall where you felt your operations problem or concern was resolved because of using Scipher.Vx+?

Yes, we were having some issues with the power curve of one turbine in our wind farm, and we managed to realize about this problem only because of Scipher.Vx+, which I wasn’t able to track with our existing tools. A couple of months before having access to Scipher, I realized that the performance of one wind turbine wasn’t the same as the others, and I was not able to figure it out through the OEM either. Instead, Scipher.Vx+ has the turbine analysis/diagnostics function that lets you see the power curve of the wind turbines over a certain timeframe when you specify the date range. You can see the historic data of two wind speed sensors, and with the tool we realized one of the sensors was not working. We replaced the sensor and everything was back to normal. Without the tool, it would have taken more time to find the issue and some extra time and effort to keep digging to see what the problem was…so this saved us valuable time.


Which feature do you use the most?

I like to track the generation from the previous day and previous week, availability etc, and I get the daily, weekly and monthly reports which I can share with executives, which otherwise would take up too much of my time. Scipher.Vx+ gives me the ability to do other things, than spend time on the little tasks that take time but are necessary on a regular basis to track asset operations. And I can see our operations team using this even more on a daily basis for sure, as Utopus expands on the capabilities in the future.

About Scipher.Vx+

Scipher.Vx+ delivers centralized, comprehensive SaaS-based asset visualization product that shows real-time status, operating performance of every wind and solar PV asset in your portfolio at any time, anywhere in the world. Monitor live wind data of both SCADA and Condition Monitoring System (CMS) signals in one product.

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