Solar panel care made easy

The simple answer to this is yes, solar panels work through all four seasons of the year, come rain or shine, or even hail and in light snow.

Solar panels generate electricity from daylight, not sunlight or heat, so although there is less daylight during the winter, as the days are shorter, even on cloudy days there is enough daylight to generate electricity.

And you needn’t worry about those rare snowy days – while a solar panel that’s covered in snow cannot absorb light to make electricity, thankfully in UK temperatures, snow will typically slide off correctly mounted solar panels or melt due to residual heat.

And to get even more out of your solar panels, you could consider installing a solar battery storage system, meaning you could store any excess electricity you generate during the day to use in the evening or on days when you aren’t generating quite as much, giving you renewable electricity both day and night. To find out more visit our solar battery storage pages.

So as you can see, once installed, solar panels are quite simple and easy to maintain and with a little maintenance from time to time, should continue to generate renewable electricity for your home for years to come.


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