The Environmental Voter Project’s Fall Fundraiser

On Wednesday, Sept. 22nd, 6 – 6:30 pm ET the Environmental Voter Project (EVP), a non-partisan nonprofit group, will host a 30-minute Zoom call that will include special guest speakers, volunteer testimonials, and fresh voter turnout data. There will also be optional networking sessions prior to the event, and an optional Q&A after the event. If you want a way to help save the planet, the EVP is a worthy cause. EVP finds environmentalists who don’t vote and then mobilizes them for local, state, and federal elections. They do not endorse candidates – they focus on voters, not politicians. In recent years they have reached over 100 million people with digital ads, sent text messages to over 10 million people, called more than 5 million voters.

EVP’s primary goal is to change the electorate over time, building an unstoppable army of environmental voters. Each year, they track how many seldom-voting and non-voting environmentalists they have helped convert into consistent super voters who now reliably vote in federal, state, and local elections. They have created almost three-quarters of a million super voters in the last five years.

Their efforts are born out of a new empirical approach to politics and activism. Their model is based on scientifically rigorous research and that same precision and accountability is applied to their internal operations. EVP doesn’t try to convince people to care more about the environment. Instead, they find already convinced environmentalists who don’t vote, and then they turn them into better voters. EVP uses every election – local, state, and federal – as a behavioral intervention opportunity for turning non-voters into super voters.

In 2020 EVP was active in the presidential primaries targeting 4 million environmentalists who were unlikely to vote in their presidential primaries and caucuses. They were active in hundreds of local elections helping to nudge first-time voters into becoming habitual voters. In low-turnout state primaries, they familiarized millions of environmentalists with new vote-by-mail and early voting procedures. In the general election, they engaged over 1.8 million never voted-before environmentalists with previously tested and optimized messaging over texts, calls, digital ads, and direct mail. In the Georgia special election, they mobilized 380,000 unlikely voters.

Just as they learn from others, they are also committed to sharing our knowledge with other environmental groups and the broader academic community. In 2020, EVP staff-led trainings for over a dozen environmental organizations, and our Executive Director gave guest lectures at Harvard University, Yale University, MIT, Dartmouth College, Cornell University, and Tufts University.

EVP is the only environmental organization that will be active in hundreds of local elections in 2021, leveraging big data, behavioral science, and thousands of well-trained volunteers to take advantage of the long-term electorate-building opportunities offered by these under-the-radar elections.

A-Zoom attendance link will be provided in the confirmation email after you RSVP below. All donation amounts are welcome and appreciated.

For more information about the EVP click here.

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