Trees for Puerto Rico – in time for Earth Day

by Alison Lueders

Still not sure how to get involved with Earth Day, which happens this April 22?

Help plant trees in Puerto Rico

Join with the Earth Day Network  (EDN) in doing something awesome. It’s inviting contributions to help reforest Puerto Rico after the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria last year. In addition to buildings, the vast majority of trees were flattened on the island as well.

Replanting them is not for decorative purposes. Trees are a building block of virtually any healthy ecosystem. See “Top 22 Benefits of Trees” to see what I mean.

Trees blown over by force force of Hurricane Maria winds

Indeed, according to the Miami Herald, the entire damage estimate for PR from Maria is $90 billion. Given that the island’s entire GDP was last measured as $101 billion in 2016, the financial dimensions of the problem are stark.

And the human dimensions of the problem – how do you recover from losing EVERYTHING? – are unimaginable. Planting trees is one part of the solution, and EDN makes it easy.

Earth Day Network makes it easy!

One dollar plants one tree through the Earth Day Network. And in case you’ve forgotten, EDN is on track to  plant 7.8 billion trees worldwide by 2020 as part of their Canopy project. I have contributed already. In the interests of full disclosure, I receive no money from EDN for writing about this. Just happy to spread the word!

Need help spreading the word about your green efforts?

Speaking of spreading the word, do you have a great green story to tell, but just haven’t had the time? Contact me at to set up a free consult. No pressure – just talking.

Wishing you a Happy Earth Day!

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