Utopus Insights Welcomes Neil Desai as Chief Product Officer

02 Nov, 2021

The Wind+ Digital Summit, powered by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), brings together engineers, data scientists, project managers, manufacturers, and industry leaders looking to digitally transform their business, best practices they can leverage, and how they can accelerate their transformation. Why Attend? This virtual event is designed to provide you with the critical insights needed to successfully build intelligent operations that function with the speed and resilience required for today’s energy market conditions. Learn how industrial organizations are adopting these new technologies to increase productivity and revenue, reduce costs, improve collaboration, mitigate risks, and predict fringe scenarios. Explore the tools organizations are using to make informed, precise decisions across industrial enterprises—including design, manufacturing, quality, service, repair, maintenance, and more. Network with wind, solar, and energy storage experts from a diverse range of disciplines as you unlock the potential of industrial digital transformation. Feng Zhang, Product Director, Scipher.Vx+ will be representing a panel discussion Bang For Your Buck: Using Data to Drive Asset Optimization Data and analytics are some of your most valuable assets for wind farm optimization, and both can be highly effective when it comes to efficiency and reliability. But you need more than that for your wind farm to reach its full potential. Learn how to make the most of your data and how to beat the odds and guarantee value for your wind projects with a cross-functional approach to data and analytics. Alexandra Arntsen , Lead Data Scientist, NRG Systems Francisco Artuza , Wind Engineer, ENEL Emily Marino , Executive, Product Management, GE Renewable Mark Young , Director, Renewable Technical Operations, Americas, BlackRock Feng Zhang , Product Director, Utopus Insights Moderator: Cegeon Chan , VP, Energy Analytics & Measurements, DNV Use our code WDSPN to receive a complimentary pass of $149 value

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